Did you know that 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster due to an inefficient disaster recovery plan?

How it Works

With our backup and Disaster Recovery System, we employ hard drives to continuously backup your data. We store the data away from its primary location which ensures a comprehensive backup system. Bizze Tech’s BDR can ensure that your data is safe and secure and takes next to no time to recover data.
Don’t wait until it may happen to you, be proactive and invest in a BDR that will protect your data and restore it entirely after inconvenience strikes. Do you not have a backup solution? Find out more about our Disaster Recovery Solutions when you call 818-350-3543.

Avoid Data Loss

Though Bizze Tech Services can retrieve your data from a crashed hard drive, it is always a simpler method to restore data from our BDR solution. With Bizze Tech’s BDR, we will back up your company’s data to a safe and protected offsite data center. Our BDR solution will also be included as a part of our managed services and will help you rest assured for when the unthinkable affects your company. Rest assured with Bizze Tech’s BDR solution!

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