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This neighborhood is in the San Fernando Valley northwestern region of Los Angeles.  It has eight private and seven public schools. It also has a transportation center, a public library, smaller recreational parks and a large open-space, and a transportation center. You will find the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Chatsworth Reservoir, and some private business as distinctive features.

In the Los Angeles city, it has the lowest densities of any other neighborhood. The income level is also relatively high. It has a 500-acre area called Iverson Movie Ranch which happens to be the most filmed movie ranch with more than 2000 productions in history as a filming location.

The area experiences dry and hot summers, with 90-100 degrees average high temperatures daily. On the climate maps, it has a warm summer Mediterranean climate according to Koppen Climate Classification.

The Chatsworth Dam and Reservoir is the most distinctive feature. It belongs to the LA Department of Water and Power and was built as part of the LA Aqueduct system in 1918. However, it was taken out of service in 1969 because there were increasing concerns of the quality of the water due to the storm water inflow and algae plumes.

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