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Sylmar is in Los Angeles in the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley. It is historically known for its olive orchards profusion. Its past can be traced back to the 18th century and the San Fernando Mission founding. The olive production was started in a systematic manner back in 1890.

A sanitarium was established since the Sylmar climate was considered healthy. It was the first in the neighborhood in a series of hospital. Within Sylmar, there are eight private school and fourteen public schools.

The Sylmar branch library is operated by the Los Angeles Public Library on the corner of Glenoaks Boulevard and Polk Street. It is also the home to the Nethercutt Collection which is a museum popularly known for its classic automobiles collection. The museum also houses mechanical music instrument collections, including player pianos, orchestrions, antique furniture, and music boxes.

They have the oldest nonsectarian cemetery in the valley, the San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery which is at 14400 Foothill Boulevard. The first burial in that cemetery was recorded in 1892 and it was listed as a historical monument in 1993. This makes it a historic landmark.

The neighborhood also has a recreational center that also functions as a Police Department stop-in center, it also includes a baseball diamond that’s lighted, auditoriums, outdoor basketball courts that are lighted, tennis courts, a basketball court, play areas for children, picnic tables, tennis courts that are lighted, an indoor gym with no weights, and a soccer field that’s unlighted.

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