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This neighborhood is found in the region of Los Angeles city in the San Fernando Valley region. It is on the site of Edgar Rice Burroughs who was an author who owned the ranch. The town was named after his fictional jungle hero, Tarzan.

In 1797 it was occupied by the Spanish missionaries and settlers who established the San Fernando Mission. Mexico later absorbed the area and in 1848 the land was ceded to the US following the Mexican-American War by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Under the rule of the United States it evolved into local elites who owned a series of large cattle ranches.

In the 1870s, investors took over the land and turned it into a wheat farm operation on a large scale. In 1909 the Los Angeles Homes Company purchased the area. Edgar Rice Burroughs arrived in California in 1919 from Oak Park, Illinois. He established Tarzana Ranch after he purchased the Otis’s Tract on March 1.

Tarzana is bounded by Topanga State Park on the south, by Reseda on the north, by Encino on the east, and by Woodland Hills on the west. The northern edge of the neighborhood is marked by Victory Boulevard, Corbin Avenue, Lindley Avenue the eastern, with a jog to the western, Oakdale Avenue, and Topanga State Park the southern.

The Tarzana recreational center has a gym that is occasionally used as an auditorium with a 600-people capacity. The park also has a lighted baseball diamond, barbecue pits, outdoor basketball courts that are lighted, a play area for children, an indoor gym with no weights, a community room, lighted volleyball courts and picnic tables.

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