Streamlining your business, proactively eliminating technical issues, saving money, and gaining peace of mind all starts with understanding your computer networking needs and implementing a flexible, scalable and affordable network management plan. With our al la carte or all-inclusive Managed IT Services, you gain access to the latest technology, technical resources, 24/7 support, best-in-class network security, on-demand access and the ability to predict and plan for IT related costs. Simplify the complexities of your network and place all of your components under one roof.

IT Consulting

In order for small and mid-sized companies to be competitive in today’s economy, efficiency is key. At Bizzie Tech Services, everything we do revolves around making your IT run as efficiently as possible. Our full suite of IT consulting services gives your business the ability to make your IT work for you so that you can operate at the highest level.

In order to reach new heights, you need to identify and eliminate the redundancies in your processes, and costs. Often times, you will find that the best way to improve the efficiency of your IT is to better utilize the resources available to you. But where do you start? That’s where our IT Consulting comes into play. Our team of experienced technicians work hard in order to make your technology work best for you.


IT issues can drastically decrease the productivity of employees. When these problems are out of the scope of the office designated “IT guy”, then it causes even more of an issue. You can solve this problem by using Bizzie Tech Services’ help desk support as a part of our complete IT support service.

Whenever you or an employee has issues with their technology, they simply place one phone call to us. Our IT technicians will assist them to find a fix for their issue so that they can get back to being productive.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

We install our monitoring software on all of your workstations and servers. When anything unnatural comes up, it triggers a notification that gets sent to our staff, which creates a ticket for the issue so that our technicians can investigate the problem.

With our remote login tool, we are able to access the managed PC’s so that our technicians can see your employee’s screen when an issue arises. this tool, we can also navigate the operating system so that we can fix the problems quickly.

This approach allows us to breakdown the potential communication barrier when we try to describe a technology issue over the phone or through an email. We’re able to see exactly what’s going on in real time. With our simple and affordable flat-rate remote monitoring service, we can proactively fix serious problems before they happen.

IT Vendor Management

If you find yourself riddled with questions about your company’s technology, and frustrated trying to find out ways to minimize your expenses while growing your business, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Small and medium sized businesses throughout the country go through the complexities involved while figuring out solutions for difficult and time consuming IT related issues that take away from your bottom line.

These challenges are made even more difficult when you cannot afford a Chief Information Officer, or are unable to justify the additional costs. At Bizzie Tech Services, we solve all of these issues by being your IT partner, functioning just like a CIO, but at a fraction of the cost. Our Virtual CIO services provides you with a technology plan that’s aligned with your business goals, and meets the specific needs of your company.

Our vendor management service works alongside third-party vendors in order to help reduce your IT expenses, and offer you solutions to make picking hardware and software suppliers a much more simple task. Our services range from consultations to complete infrastructure management. That makes our Virtual CIO service ideal for small and medium sized businesses who need assistance evaluating their technology needs.

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