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This is a district and community with Santa Clarita and its northwest of Los Angeles County. It is north of San Fernando through the San Gabriel Mountains and Santa Susana via Newhall Pass. It is located in Santa Clara River upper watershed in the Sierra Pelona Mountains foothills and the Santa Clarita Valley.

For over five hundred years, it was the Tataviam people ancestral homeland, and other tribes like Kitanemuk, Tongva, and Serrano people before then. It first became the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana after the Spanish invasion around 1970.

After the Mexican independence in 1834, Canyon County became part of the Rancho San Francisco centered on the confluence of Costaic creek and Santa Clara River. It was originally called Solemint before it was absorbed the Honby community to the west.

The movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead was shot in the house of the Crandall Family. There was also a home that was featured in the Real Genius climax. However, the house doesn’t exist anymore.

It was one of the 4 communities, with Newhall, Valencia, and Saugus, that combined to create the Santa Clarita city. The population is an average of 59,530 people. The Placerita Canyon Nature Center is also found here. It is the site where California original gold was discovered in 1842 at the Oak of the Golden Dream making it a historic site.

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